Why They Chose RPA: The Beucus Family

Giselle and Corey Beucus were feeling desperate and afraid for their son Max’s academic future. “He lost motivation and desire for a traditional school environment. RPA was our last hope,” Giselle explained.

When they met with RPA Counselor Meagan Haas over a year ago, she helped them realize that RPA was exactly what their son needed in order to get him engaged, motivated and to be able to succeed at his own pace and abilities. Max was skeptical at first, but once he attended their summer student summit, he realized that RPA was not a typical traditional school and he agreed to “try it”.

Max is now in the second semester of his sophomore year and has the confidence needed to continue to strive academically.

“He knows that RPA is there to help him and not try to fit a specific schedule and classes that simply do not work for him,” Giselle said. “RPA is able to tailor an academic plan for our son that will help him succeed, keep him motivated and engaged.”

Giselle cites RPA’s compassion and availability to parents and students and the “outside the box” academic model as reasons for Max’s and RPA’s success.

“I highly encourage local students to give RPA a try, have them attend for one day. Schedule a time for them to meet with the counselors and advisors, it will make a difference,” she said.

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