Why they Chose RPA: Jett and Mylie Stokes

Jett Stokes, a 7th grader at RPA Middle, and his sister Mylie Stokes, a sophomore at RPA High, were looking for something different when it came to their education, an alternative model to a traditional education setting.

Mom, Rachel O’Rourke explained how both kids were struggling, especially after feeling behind through the Covid years. Rachel said RPA offered them hope that Jett and Mylie could learn at their own pace and bring back the love of learning they once had.  

Both in their first year at RPA, Jett and Mylie are thriving, explaining how the experience so far is even better than they had imagined.  

Mom, Rachel O’Rourke said, “The kids feel like they are actively involved in their education and no student is put into a ‘box’ for how they are supposed to learn. You honestly won’t regret it, it was the best decision we made for our kids.” 

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