Weekly Virtual Learning Opportunities

Weekly Assemblies with Executive Director Bullock

From March 30 until April 28, Executive Director Bullock will hold a virtual assembly every Tuesday morning from 10 a.m to 11 a.m. through a Zoom webinar. The first assembly is scheduled for Tuesday, March 31.

Digital Symposium

A weekly opportunity for students, staff members, and esteemed guests to present/perform a 30 min – 60 min digital symposium through Zoom on an engaging topic with the RPA community. The end goal is to bring people together digitally to provide a positive and uplifting experience for the RPA community. Interested parties should contact Mark Speck, who will coordinate sign-ups for this unique experience. 

We Are One: Catching Up with RPA Staff

A weekly opportunity for students and families to catch up with RPA staff and gain a glimpse into their lives during the closure. The webinar will allow for students to “see” their teachers more during the period of March 30-April 28, and learn about what they are reading, writing, thinking, creating and communicating while at home during the closure.  

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