Students Work On Building Structures and Teamwork Skills in Lego Masters Class

Lego Masters has been an engaging enrichment this semester, with the class embracing mini challenges ranging from “who can build the sturdiest bridge?” to ‘build in the bag’ competition.  The”Build in the bag” challenge was an especially difficult task, where students were given an assortment of Lego bricks in a plastic bag and were challenged to build something inside the sealed plastic bag, adding an extra element and level of difficulty.

Along with planned activities, the class allows for free building activities, which often quickly turn into friendly competitions between friends.

The class isn’t all about building, though. They have had discussions about how Legos are used and can be utilized in different occupations ranging from aeronautics to terrain navigation.

“Students feel they are engaging in a playful activity but are utilizing problem-solving skills, spatial skills, understanding semi-complex tasks and team-building skills,” said teacher Crystal Lillegard. “Legos are a creative, calming and a stress-reducing activity.”

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