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Graduation is the end of this chapter and the beginning of the next.

Because you have owned your education at RPA, you are ready for it.

Oregon State Graduation Requirements
Graduation Details

Graduation Requirements for the State of Oregon Standard Diploma:

There are three steps necessary in order to earn a high school diploma in the state of Oregon.
1) Earn the necessary amount of credits (in the correct categories, by passing classes).
2) Pass the Essential Skills Assessments (most RPA students will use their ACT scores to do this). Communication between parents, students, and the staff is critical during this time-sensitive process through the junior and senior year.
3) Complete a Career Related Learning Experience and the Extended Application.

Just like in college, each student needs to complete an Application for Graduation and submit it for review to his/her academic advisor. Students and families will be notified by mid-February if they qualify to participate in the graduation ceremony. We encourage parents to have consistent communication with their students through the school year so that there are no “surprises” at the end of the school year. Talking with your students and your student’s advisor/counselor will help to ensure a good understanding of what is required to qualify for graduation. For more details on credit, requirements click here.

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Graduation Details

Stay tuned for updates about the Class of 2021.



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