Work Counts.

School credit for work

Students often demonstrate learning outside of the RPA classroom through paid work experience, and RPA offers students the option to earn credit by demonstrating their on-the-job learning.

The goal of the Work Experience program is to prepare students for the workplace, further education, training, and community roles. Work experience assists students with learned skills necessary to perform work in a variety of careers. At this level, students have the opportunity to participate regularly in on the job training and real-life experiences.

Below are the steps that a student must follow in order to earn Work Experience credit.

Please note: Work experience must be a paid experience (verified by pay stubs). Your employer must carry liability insurance. You cannot be paid “under the table” for work experience. Check with your advisor if you believe you can earn credit in a different manner if you cannot meet the above criteria.

    1. Complete the Transportation Form and Work Experience Agreement Form. Turn these forms into your high school counselors.  It will be added as Work Experience to your class schedule.
    2. Keep copies of your paystubs. For every 65 hours of work you complete you must complete a different essay. Essay prompts, along with all other necessary paperwork and instructions, can be found in the Google Classroom for Work Experience. Students should follow the instructions in Classroom for each set of hours worked.
    3. Submit the following to your high school counselor upon completion:
      • Copies of hours works (pay stubs showing hours/payment)
      • Essay (65+ hours = .50 credit) **

(every 65 + hours has a different essay prompt)

    1. Upon completion, students must turn in all work to your high school counselor for grading.
    2. Grades will be posted at the end of each term.

**Students have the option to earn 4.0 total credits in Work Experience during their high school attendance. This equals a total of 520 hours you can earn credit for. Remember there is a separate essay for every 65 hours of credit earned.