Do you enjoy physical activities outside of school?
Earn credit for it.

credit for pe outside of school

Maybe you bike, skateboard, or walk around town every day? Do you hate traditional PE but love golfing or practicing yoga? Do you hang out at the gym with some buddies or like swimming laps on your own? Whatever you do, it’s physical activity, and at RPA you can earn credit for it.

The goal of Physical Education is to develop a physically educated person; one who:

  • Knows the benefits of physical activity
  • Values physical activity and its contributions to a healthy lifestyle
  • Has learned skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities
  • Is physically fit
  • Participates regularly in physical activity

Students often demonstrate learning outside of the RPA classroom through private lessons, club sports or high school sports, and RPA offers students the option to earn physical education credit (.50 credits for every 65 hours logged) outside of traditional PE classes.

Below are the steps that a student must follow in order to earn PE credit through the Self-Created Course:

  1. Meet with your RPA advisor and decide if this outline meets your needs.
  2. Complete the Student Self-Created Course Form. Using this form, you will come to an agreement about how you will display proficiency. For example, you could write papers, design a Powerpoint presentation, take a test, or build a portfolio of work. You will also develop a timeline determining when the course will be completed. This form must be signed by the student, parent, and counselor and submitted to Kyle Chown for approval/signature.
  3. This class will then be entered into your FOCUS schedule. All self created PE classes will be titled Fitness.
  4. Once approved, students will need to track hours on the Independent Study PE Log**, and submit it to Kyle Chown prior to the end of the term to earn credit.
  5. Students are encouraged to track practice, performance and game times. **

**Students who participate on a high school athletic team can attach their participation certificate to their form.