career related learning experience

Career Related Learning Experience

is a state of Oregon requirement for graduation. Students must have 16 hours of documented experience that is outside of academics and builds skills related to the world of work. At RPA, Career-related learning experiences are structured educational experiences that connect learning to the world beyond the classroom.

Examples of career related learning experiences are listed below:

Work-Based Experiences: Experiences in private and public sectors, such as job shadows, internships, paid and unpaid work, clinical practicums, and mentorships. Also includes informational interviews related to guest speakers and job-site tours.
Community-Based Experiences: Volunteer experiences through community-service projects, community organizations such as 4-H or scouting, or faith-based service activities.
Field-Based Investigations: Experiences in courses or outside the classroom that involve fieldwork and substantive contact with adults in business, industry, education, or community institutions that have expertise in an area of study in order to pursue solutions to real-world problems or issues.


Career-Related Learning Standards

  • Personal Management: Exhibit appropriate work ethics and behaviors in school, community, and/or workplace.
  • Problem Solving: Apply decision-making and problem-solving techniques in school, community, and/or workplace.
  • Communication: Demonstrate effective and appropriate communication skills to give and receive information in school, community, and/or workplace.
  • Teamwork: Demonstrate effective teamwork in school, community, and/or workplace.
  • Employment Foundations: Demonstrate academic, technical, and organizational knowledge and skills required for successful employment.
  • Career Development: Demonstrate career development skills in planning for post-high school experiences.