Education as Unique as You Are. Learn what you want. Earn credit for it.

create a courseWe want you to explore the world — subject by subject, issue by issue, experiment by experiment. At RPA, that means students are empowered to pursue academic credit by learning about what they love. We think that when the curriculum is flexible and students are encouraged to pursue their interests, they are more engaged and learning becomes more real. And we think that students should earn credit for learning whenever and wherever the learning takes place.

Self-Created Courses

Self-created courses allow students to pursue an area of study that may not be offered through traditional coursework, or to earn credit for formal/informal learning outside of school. In other words, a self-created course is essentially an independent study course. For example, if a student is interested in studying aerodynamics and RPA does not offer anything on this subject, the student could create a course working with the science instructor of their choice. Or, if a student is involved in 4-H or FFA, they may be able to earn credit for their work.

Students who pursue this type of coursework must be able to work independently, manage time well, and communicate well with their teachers.

Students considering creating a self-created course should follow the steps below:

  1. Decide on the topic that you are interested in studying. Make sure it is something that will hold your interest.
  2. Meet with an instructor associated with the subject matter and discuss the course you would like to create. For example, if you are creating an English course please meet with an English instructor. If you have any questions on which instructor to choose, please ask your advisor.
  3. Together, you and the instructor will fill out the Self-Created Course Form. Using this form, you will come to an agreement about how you will display proficiency in the subject area. For example, you could write papers, design a Powerpoint presentation, take a test, or build a portfolio of work. You will also develop a timeline determining when the course will be completed. This form must be signed by the student, parent, teacher, and counselor.
  4. If necessary, please keep a log of your work hours.
  5. Once you have completed the form please turn it into your high school counselor and the course will be added to your schedule.

It’s that easy. It’s that fun. It’s that special.