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college prep at rpa

RPA originated as an idea to better prepare students for college and life after high school.  Today, we do this even better.

The cumulative experience of seven years at RPA is preparation for college. In fact, we’ve coined the phrase “Collegiate Model” to explain the myriad of ways that an RPA education prepares our students for their next steps in college or career.

The conversations start in middle school when faculty and staff encourage students to explore their interests and talents, and ways they can apply them to future careers.

It develops further their ninth grade year when students take Freshman Seminar or Humanities. In this class they engage in college and career activities, including skills and interest assessments, practice tests, and career projects. Once they arrive on the high school campus, students are also engaging in our university scheduling model. RPA students choose their classes, class times, and learn to navigate our college-like campus to get to class on time without a bell schedule – just like college. High school students enjoy an open-campus, utilize free public (Cascades East Transit) or Redmond School District busing, and decide how their class schedule and work/activity schedule work together to create their best life experience – just like college.

As they navigate all four years of high school at RPA, there are many more opportunities to focus on College Prep. From taking any AP® classes in high school or college courses in the Bend and Redmond area, to traveling to college campuses, to practicing the ACT or SAT up to eight times before they graduate, everything at RPA is designed as to open doors for our students. Students who desire to can also earn the prestigious AP Capstone Diploma®, recognized internationally as a process that deepens the learning experience and prepares students for university-level thinking.

During their sophomore, junior and senior years, they can get involved in ASVAB, a career exploration and planning program that is free through RPA. And finally, in their senior year, RPA supports students with College Application Week to help students to successfully complete applications and the College Cash Campaign, which is designed to assist students and their families with the financial aid, scholarship and grant processes.

college prepAs a Collegiate Model school in Redmond, RPA gives every student every chance to achieve the level of proficiency needed to attend the college of their choice.

RPA students also prepare for real-life situations. They must manage their time according to college style scheduling, are responsible for decision making and keeping their commitments, and are accountable for their relationships with other students, the faculty and staff, and the community around them. They earn credit for volunteering, internships and part-time jobs, all of which contribute to successful, fulfilling futures.

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