Semester Two – High School Midterms Week at RPA

Semester Two – High School Midterms Week at RPA: March 16-20, 2020

All freshmen and sophomores will successfully complete Aspire testing during the week of March 16-20, 2020.   

Due to the fact that there is no RSD bussing on March 20, all students must complete Aspire testing on or before Thursday, March 19. 

All School Study Zone (Starting Monday, March 9 and continuing through the end of Midterms Week, RPA will enact an all-school study zone):

  • The Student Union, and the study labs on the 3rd Floor of Glacier and the Learning Annex will be considered study spaces. Students are asked to refrain from playing games and watching videos in those locations. Students are asked to refrain from loud activities that may detract from studying.
  • All students are asked to assist in creating a respectful and quiet environment that supports all students in their efforts to demonstrate proficiency in all of their classes.

ACT Aspire Expectations for 9th and 10th Grade Students:

  • In their English, Humanities, Math, and Science classes (Aspire Chromebook Schedule), all freshmen and sophomores should complete Aspire testing by Thursday, March 19th.
  • Student performance on these assessments is critical for measuring student growth and school performance.

Midterms Week Expectations for Students:

  • Students will be expected to attend all midterms as regularly scheduled.
  • Students will be expected to take midterms as scheduled with their assigned teachers in assigned rooms (not in study halls).




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