RPA’s Sewing & Fashion Club Students Are Learning In Style

“Magazine ads” featuring student work from Brennon Tegano-Lind and Sagan. Brennon’s collection titled “Moments Don’t Die” seeks to inspire wearers to find their moments in life because these can’t be lost or taken away from them.

This year’s Sewing & Fashion Club students have been meeting weekly and learning how to use sewing machines and basic garment construction, skills that can be useful for a number of careers or personal use.

This year, some students used their skills to alter their own outfits for prom.  Other creative projects included an alligator corset, custom patchwork tie, shorts, pants, replacing zippers and altering garments for better fitment. Sewing & Fashion Club’s final project was a photo shoot featuring some of these projects.

Student Devon Scott modeled and students Jasper Merth and Olivia Carter helped with theater lighting.

Sagan’s “Bones Collection” focuses on masculine pieces that are wearable and modern. Both students are Freshman and will be leading the club next school year.


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