RPA’s Matt Garcia nominated for Webfoot Painting’s Project Serious: Teacher Edition

Redmond Proficiency Academy’s (RPA) middle school teacher Matt Garcia was recently nominated by eighth-grade student, Zakk Williams, for the 11th annual Webfoot Painting Project Serious contest. This year’s competition seeks to award a lucky Central Oregon teacher with $15,000 in free services courtesy of Webfoot Painting.  

The contest is Webfoot’s way of giving back to the local community in a serious way,  according to the company.

In his nomination video on Webfoot Painting’s Instagram account, Williams explained how Mr. Garcia has been central to his success at RPA, mentioning his helpfulness in the classroom and in extracurricular activities.  

“As a teacher and an advisor, he’s inspired both of us (referring to his sister) to challenge ourselves to learn and succeed in school, and in life,” explained Williams.

The call to action: Vote, vote, vote! Please vote here: webfootpainting.com/projectserious.

The rules: 

  • Social voting begins now and runs through March 4, 2020
  • Anyone and everyone is allowed one vote!
  • Finalists are encouraged to promote and share to get more votes.
  • March 4: Social voting ends
  • The 3 nominees with the most votes will move on.
  • The 1 with the most number of social votes will get 1 “Webfoot vote”
  • Webfoot staff will vote on which of the Top 3 should win.
  • The nominee with the most “Webfoot Votes” will win
  • March 5: Winner of the $15,000 of free services is announced

If you’ve read this far and haven’t already voted, please vote for Mr. Garcia now!

Garcia teaches science technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEAM), electives, and serves as a student advisor. 

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