RPA to host Inaugural Career and Technical Education Week Event

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Week will be a three-day, school wide event for grades 9-12 , taking place from Tuesday, Feb. 21 – Thursday, Feb. 23 in the Future Center located on the 2nd Floor of the Main Glacier Building at Redmond Proficiency Academy High School.

Career & Technical Education (CTE) plays a valuable role in a student and family’s future planning process. Whether a student intends to join the workforce or is planning to go to college after high school, career exploration is vital in determining the best pathway to success. At CTE Week students will receive  staff support as they engage in career exploration activities that will help them identify their own unique strengths and skills and where they fit within the greater context of today’s job markets and educational program options.

Each day of CTE Week will be split into two parts, a morning session and an afternoon session. Students can choose to attend each session individually or attend all sessions for a more comprehensive CTE exploration experience. A detailed schedule of events will be released next week.

If you and your student are ready to start preparing for life after high school, this event is for you. Through participation in RPA’s CTE Week, your high school experience can advance to new heights and become a more serious and valuable part of your continued success as you ready to enter the workforce.

If you have any questions please speak with Meagan Haas, RPA School Counselor & CTE Coordinator, at (541)521-3875 or email at meagan_haas@rpacademy.org.

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