Theatre Students Direct One Act Plays

RPA Theatre recently completed work on a series of student-directed one act plays, performing the plays the evening of Friday, Jan. 13.  

“Unlike the sequel-driven world of film, the theatrical world is all about creating new works, said Theatre Director Kate Torcom. “This class workshopped and produced one acts written by our very own RPA staff.”

The following plays were performed:

Diner of Broken Dreams: a student-directed one act by Jon Bullock, directed by Lydia Carter & Cohen Flanagan, with AI editing by Gabbard Herring

The Magic Feather: a student-directed one act by Ross Duncan, directed by Izzy Moon & Katey James

The Lunatic: a student-directed one act by Joe DeChristopher, directed by Talon Confer & Jasper Merth.

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