RPA Tech Theatre class hosts professional stage manager

Molly Norris sharing with RPA Tech Theatre class.

Last week, Theatre Director Kate Torcom’s Tech Theatre Design class hosted Molly Norris, professional Stage Manager from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

The class watched a streamed production of Julius Caesar that Norris acted as assistant stage manager on, leading to a discussion about Norris’ role with the show and advice about stage management.  

“Having Molly in class was so incredibly helpful as someone who is looking to be a stage manager,” said senior Natalie Lawton. “Her wisdom and kindness towards her job was truly eye-opening to me!”

Lawton, who was recently accepted into Carnegie Mellon for stage management, was part of the discussion along with several other aspiring stage managers.  

Norris also shared additional details of her role, behind-the-scenes stories, and emphasized the importance of stage managers exuding calm and prioritizing safety in theatre, and offered advice on higher education stage management.

Torcom said she makes a point to bring industry professionals into her classes to offer real-world experiences and advice for her students.

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