RPA Students Prepare Breakfasts from Around the World

In Middle School Science Teacher Jessica Schueler’s “Breakfasts of the World” class, students are preparing some fun and delicious breakfast items from all over the globe. Recently, students focused on traditional breakfasts from Japan.

To prepare for the Japanese breakfast, they did some research on Japanese history, religion, economy and culture. They also tested rinsed rice versus un-rinsed rice to see if it made a difference, and of course, they practiced using chopsticks. The Japanese breakfast feast included miso soup, rice, quick pickles, tamagoyaki, and sesame spinach.

Schueler explained that the “Breakfasts of the World” class gives students exposure to learning about the history and food culture of various countries and allows them to practice some cooking skills. They have also cooked breakfasts from the United States and Costa Rica.

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