P.E. Students Are Learning New Games, Exercises

In Riley Drongensen’s P.E. classes, students are exploring different workout styles such as yoga, HIIT, traditional strength training, plyometrics and more, while also learning about  learning about mindfulness and stress management in an athletic environment.

Students also have the opportunity to enjoy more laid back games such as pickleball, boccer ball, disc golf and even a trip or two to the bowling alley to knock over some pins.

In another class, students are focusing on team games and learning new skills through the lens of games that are traditionally played in team settings.

The class has been playiing ultimate frisbee, pickleball, football, baseball, basketball and more. Team games require students to learn rules and strategies they may be unfamiliar with.  They are then required to use their newfound knowledge and work together with their peers to achieve a common goal, a skill that will carry them far in life, Drogensen explained.

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