RPA Students Advance to Robotics State Competition

RPA Robotics students are heading to the state competition on March 12 and 13. To qualify for state, RPA Robotics recently competed in the league championship with over 20 teams from around the state

The league championship started out with five rounds to determine team rank within participating teams in the tournament. Once ranks were determined, there was an alliance draft in which the top four teams picked two teams to join them in the single-elimination bracket. One of the RPA teams ended up being the fourth captain to lead their alliance into the semifinals.

Students going to state include junior Grey Louvar, sophomore Bliss Louvar, Bodie Dachtler, senior Niysa Gast, senior Alyssa Walker, sophomore Alex Larson,  senior Alex Garza, sophomore Noah Eisbach,  junior Ben Barrie,  junior Ryder Byrnes and  junior Jackson Patron. The teams that move on from state advance to compete at the Worlds Competition in Houston.

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