RPA Sophomore to Participate in Exchange Program in Costa Rica

This summer, RPA sophomore Ulli Tingley has the incredible opportunity to participate in the Partners of the Americas Oregon Chapter’s High School Immersion Program with Costa Rica. As part of this eight-week cultural exchange, Ulli will spend four weeks living with host families in Costa Rica while attending a local high school there. She’ll be fully immersed in the Spanish language and Costa Rican way of life during her stay, ideally deepening her global perspective and appreciation for other cultures.  

RPA hopes to reciprocate and host a Costa Rican student for four weeks during the upcoming school year. This will allow Ulli’s exchange partner to shadow classes and activities at RPA, while providing RPA students exposure to the Costa Rican culture as well. The comprehensive immersion on both ends aims to forge lasting connections across nations and develop youth into globally-minded citizens. 

“After this trip, Ulli will be able to engage with Spanish-speakers around the world,” said her mother, Brigitte. “More importantly, she’ll feel prepared to pack up and experience more that the world has to offer, learning about how people live and contributing to a closer more compassionate world.”


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