RPA Sophomore earns aviation scholarships

Sophomore Preston Garibay was recently awarded two aviation scholarships totalling $11,500 to help him pursue his passion for becoming a pilot. 

Still a couple of years away from college, Preston has been busy logging flight hours with the goal of obtaining a private pilot’s license as soon as he turns 17 this September. He has about 36 hours logged of the 60 he needs to meet the requirements for a license.    

“I’ve loved aviation my entire life and getting a pilot’s license is a goal that I’ve had for as long as I can remember,” Garibay said. “I’m thankful and excited about the scholarships which will help me out a great deal with the costs associated with flying.”  

The scholarships, one from the EAA Ray Aviation Scholarship for $10,000 and one from the Lyons Aviation Scholarship for $1,500, will enable Garibay to continue his flight training. 

After high school, he hopes to attend the Air Force Academy and then fly for the Air Force. 

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