RPA robotics teams to compete in statewide competitions

Redmond Proficiency Academy (RPA) is pleased to announce its two FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics teams will be competing in the FTC State Qualifying Tournament on Saturday, April 17. 

RPA teams #5627 (otherwise known as The Robotics Quasar Alliance) and #6727 will compete with teams from around the state to advance to the State Championships scheduled for Saturday, May 1. The State Qualifying Tournament will determine which teams will advance to the State Robotics Championship.

“With the challenges of the past year, especially the inability for students to gather, it has been 

extremely rewarding to see students interacting and getting to do some hands-on learning,” said RPA robotics coach Josh White. “Spending time together as a team has been a great morale booster for everyone involved.” 

This year’s competitions are all held virtually due to COVID restrictions. Teams will meet via Zoom with judges and record their score reports of robot matches held on their home field in the classroom.

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