RPA Offers New Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Psychology Courses

RPA students will soon be offered three new, exciting disciplines surrounding crime in the United States with the offering of Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Psychology Courses. The new courses are designed to be taken in rotation with five weeks in each discipline.

“Our hope is that these exciting courses will spark student interest in future classes and career exploration,” said Hector West, RPA humanities teacher who is teaching the Psychology portion of the new course.  

Criminal Justice, taught by Matt Killpack, will focus on the nature of crime and criminal behavior and how it is explained in the justice system and the three major areas of the criminal justice system with an emphasis on who commits crime and how crimes are classified. 

Forensic Science, taught by Amy Herauf, will have an emphasis on crime scene detection and processing, with a focus on what factors contribute to the investigation and evidence surrounding crimes.

Psychology, taught by Hector West, will focus on why people commit crimes with an emphasis on theory, disorders and causation.  

Students will rotate through these three courses and learn from each of the three teachers during the semester. They will have daily assignments, unit reviews, and a research project that demonstrates their understanding of the interconnectedness of these subject areas. 


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