RPA ninth-grader participates in Sisters Folk Festival Americana Song Academy

RPA’s Tessa Baraybar participated in last month’s Americana’s Song Academy put on during the annual Sisters Folk Festival, an incredible learning opportunity that exposed her to older, more experienced artists. 

RPA students have participated in the Sisters Song Academy for Youth in the past, but Baraybar is the first to participate in the Americana Song Academy, which is geared toward adults.   

“I had an amazing time, got to meet a lot of really amazing people and learned a lot,” Baraybar said. “It was super neat being one of the only teenagers there because for the most part I was surrounded by experienced artists and it was really inspiring.” 

The immersive experience offers master classes on songwriting from professional musicians and one-on-one mentor session and breakout sessions from support staff, in addition to intimate song circles and creative and emotional support from academy staff.



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