RPA Middle School Hosts Spring Art Night

RPA MS hosted the much-anticipated RPA Spring Art Night on Wednesday, June 5. The night was a great way for students to showcase their incredible talents. The hallway was transformed into a stunning gallery, featuring a diverse collection of student artwork. The creativity and skill on display were truly awe-inspiring, said Kyle Chown, assistant middle school director.  

As the evening went on, the school choir took the stage, filling the room with beautiful music.

“A highlight of the night was the performance by students from the School of Rock class,” said Chown. “They energized the stage with lively renditions of popular songs, showing their musical talent and passion. The atmosphere throughout the night was electric, and it was great to see everyone come together to celebrate the arts. RPA Spring Art Night was a wonderful opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the talent and hard work of our students from the Spring semester.”

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