RPA Middle School engages in fun art projects

RPA Middle School recently held a sticker creating content for New Student Night on April 25, where students designed stickers to welcome incoming students. Sixth-grader Madisyn Ahakuelo, pictured here, had the winning submission.

Art students also recently worked on a collaborative art project where they were given a blank sheet with an arc on it. Students were asked to create something meaningful, or that represented them with no further instruction. Once completed they were arranged on an art board, providing an opportunity to highlight how individual creative differences can work together to create something amazing.

Most recently, art students worked on a math and visual arts integration lesson, studying works by famous American artist Wayne Thiebaud. He is renowned for creating paintings of desserts, especially cakes with slices missing. Using math concepts of angles, 3D shapes, perpendicular and parallel lines, students created their own appetizing art pieces of cake with slices missing. It was an engaging lesson utilizing math concepts to apply towards shape, form and perspective.



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