RPA Makes Early Connections with Students 

Humanities Instructor Matt Killpack interacting with RPA students.

RPA staff will spend the first few weeks of the 2022-23 school year connecting with students in a variety of ways, according to Humanities Instructor Matt Killpack. He explained that by creating activities to get students moving around and getting to know one another, students are engaging in activities that will set a positive tone for the entire year.    

“We create engaging atmospheres to ensure students want to come to class instead of feeling like they have to come to class,” Killpack explained. “Most students want engaging teachers and to be entertained. It’s a lot of work on our part but it’s totally worth it.”

Killpack said that student buy-in is crucial and the relationships they create help foster learning and trust for the rest of the semester and school year.

“Whether we are demonstrating through our actions and words or just being goofy to get kids to laugh, they’ll show up time and time again because they feel safe, respected, and comfortable with the class, their peers, and their teacher,” Killpack said.  

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