RPA Leadership Class Awards Grants to Local Nonprofits

Students in RPA’s Leadership class recently concluded a successful initiative as part of the Community 101 (C101) program, awarding grants totalling $5,000 to local nonprofits. C101 is a classroom-based program that gives students an opportunity to get involved in their communities through grantmaking and volunteering.

This year’s class dedicated their efforts toward enhancing accessible and affordable mental health resources, substance abuse treatment and prevention for adolescents in Central Oregon, organizations that align with their mission.

“RPA’s Leadership class is thrilled to have contributed to the exceptional work of J Bar J, CLEAR Alliance, and Rimrock Trails,” said Laurel Eberhart, Leadership advisor at RPA. “By providing grants to these organizations, they support the development of accessible and affordable mental health resources, substance abuse treatment, and prevention for adolescents in Central Oregon. The students’ dedication and commitment to their mission have been truly inspiring, leaving a lasting legacy of positive change within the local community.”

Under the guidance and support of the Oregon Community Foundation and the R.W. Family Fund, the students were provided with a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact in their community. With their  commitment and dedication, the Leadership class aimed to address the ongoing challenges faced by adolescents in accessing essential mental health services and combating substance abuse.

Throughout the program, students researched and identified local nonprofits that adhered to their mission. Inviting these organizations to apply for grants, the students evaluated each application thoroughly, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the initiatives proposed by the nonprofits. Through collaborative decision-making, the class determined the allocation of funds, thereby supporting the most deserving organizations in their mission to enhance adolescent mental health.

The following organizations have been selected to receive funds from the C101 program:

J Bar J – Received the full project budget of $1713.50:
J Bar J’s project focuses on providing crucial support to two local homeless youth programs through abuse prevention curriculum and substance abuse screening tools. The organization’s mission is to promote innovative options for children, youth, and families, fostering self-sufficiency and personal responsibility. J Bar J’s alignment with the Leadership class’s mission was remarkable, as they primarily serve homeless youth who face significant challenges, including substance abuse and related issues. By offering shelter, resources, and support, J Bar J aims to provide a safe haven and the necessary tools for homeless youth to overcome these obstacles.

CLEAR Alliance – Received their requested amount of $575.50:
CLEAR Alliance’s project aims to distribute substance prevention posters to local schools, raising awareness and educating both youth and adults on preventing substance misuse, impaired driving, and promoting mental health and wellness. CLEAR Alliance’s mission perfectly aligns with the Leadership class’s goals and values. By actively engaging in community events and providing prevention education, the organization plays a crucial role in educating the community about substance abuse prevention and mental wellness, particularly among adolescents.

Rimrock Trails – Received $2,711:
Rimrock Trails’ project involves partnering with Trinity Bikes to provide adolescents with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders with enriching activities, specifically biking. This initiative aims to offer young individuals sober fun and potential lifelong hobbies while promoting exercise and a chemical-free lifestyle. Rimrock Trails’ mission to provide comprehensive, evidence-based treatment services to individuals and families affected by substance use and mental health problems resonates strongly with the Leadership class’s mission. By strengthening family connections and offering hope for a brighter future, Rimrock Trails is making a significant impact on the lives of adolescents in need.

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