RPA Junior To Study Abroad Next Year

Rocco and Tara Messner

RPA student Rocco Anello-Dennee was recently accepted into the selective Rotary International study abroad program, where he will spend his entire junior year living and going to school in Spain.
Before he was accepted, Rocco went through several rounds of interviews, as did his parents. Prior to acceptance, he attended several trainings with outbound exchange students and current inbound students in the area. That was exciting in and of itself, his mother, Angelina Anello-Dennee, explained.
“We are so proud of Rocco for getting through the difficult interview process and having the opportunity to spend a year in Spain,” Angelina said. “It is sure to be an amazing adventure!”
Angelina also expressed gratitude to RPA’s Tara Messner, who runs the Interact Club at RPA, for helping and mentoring Rocco through the process.
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