RPA instructor encourages outdoor activities

Freshman Micah Smith about to hit the trampoline for some outdoor activity.

With most learning happening on computers and tablets due to COVID-19 restrictions, Julie O’Neill, a health instructor at Redmond Proficiency Academy (RPA), is creating meaningful learning opportunities to help students get off their screens

The first opportunity is occurring this week as part of the student’s exercise unit, which is a request to do some kind of activity outside for 30 minutes, take a selfie or quick video and submit it to Mrs. O’Neill via Google Classroom with an explanation of what they did, how they felt, and how long they did the activity.

In a couple of weeks, she will assign them a grocery store scavenger hunt that incorporates many of the nutrition facts and tips that they will be learning. The hunt requires them to find items, compare, and analyze food choices to determine what is healthier.

Mrs. O’Neill said she is hopeful these creative activities will help students personalize their learning and apply what they are learning to their lives.

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