RPA Hosting Proficiency Day on Friday, Oct. 21

On Friday, Oct. 21, RPA will host a Proficiency Day for all high school students. Teachers will utilize Proficiency Day to arrange study groups, make appointments with students, and provide activities for students that ensure success on midterm progress reports.

There will be no regularly scheduled classes on this day, and there will be no RSD bus transportation on this day. Teachers will coordinate, organize, and schedule this time in a manner that best meets the needs of students. Teacher Proficiency Day schedules will be posted in their Google Classrooms and on classroom doors. All students who need assistance demonstrating proficiency for a particular course are expected to meet with staff during this time.

Students should make appointments with their teachers on Proficiency Day if they need individual assistance. Students should use this time of the semester to focus on demonstrating proficiency in their courses. Staff assistance is always available in class and by appointment. Parents and students can log into Alma to monitor academic progress and are welcome to email or call staff to set up meetings with teachers.

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