RPA High Students Take On Big Issues at Model United Nations Event

Model United Nations (MUN) enthusiasts recently gathered for an enriching weekend in Eugene, Oregon, immersing themselves in diplomacy, debate and camaraderie, said Matt Killpack, RPA teacher and MUN advisor.

Hosted by Oregon Model United Nations, the event attracted students from various schools across Oregon, uniting them in a shared passion for global affairs and critical thinking. Participants engaged in discussions on topics ranging from the costs and benefits of concrete to the hypothetical construction of a Death Star.

“Amidst the intellectual exchanges, delegates forged lasting connections with peers from diverse backgrounds, fostering an environment of collaboration and mutual respect,” Killpack said. “The weekend was not without its surprises, as attendees navigated unexpected challenges, including a late-night smoke alarm incident, which provided a valuable lesson in crisis management and teamwork.”

Beyond the conference room, delegates enjoyed recreational activities such as a fun game of hide-and-seek, cheering on the University of Oregon versus Boise State lacrosse match, and indulging in gourmet ice cream.

Reflecting on the event high school club advisor, Matt Killpack, expressed gratitude to all participants and their families for their enthusiastic support, emphasizing the invaluable learning experiences and friendships formed. Looking ahead, Killpack looks forward to continuing the MUN tradition, inviting returning delegates to join as seasoned veterans and welcoming newcomers to embark on their own MUN journey.

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