RPA High School Students Admitted to Prestigious Theatre Programs

L to R: Azure, Izzy, Lee, August.

Junior August Sharp was admitted to the National High School Institute Cherubs at Northwestern University on early admission and junior Azure Neubauer will also attend the Cherubs program with the Musical Theatre Extension. Sophomore Lee Miller was admitted to Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) pre-college theatre program, ArtsBridge and Interlochen. Miller was also accepted into the Cherubs programs. Junior Izzy Moon was admitted to CMU’s Interlochen program, and was awarded a substantial merit scholarship for the program.    

“I’m so excited, I had heard about Cherubs but never thought I’d be able to actually participate in it, so it’s surreal to have been accepted and to be going,” August said. “It’s such an amazing feeling to have gotten into such an esteemed program and I just can’t wait to start.”

“I’m so grateful for this opportunity,” Azure said. “I’m looking to meeting new thespians and refining my craft!” 

RPA has a longstanding history with Cherubs, with Theatre Director Kate Torcom having taught for the program, and numerous RPA alumni having attended Cherubs over the years. Izzy Moon, RPA Class of 2020, attended Cherubs in 2019 and served as faculty associate last year.  

“It was definitely surreal,” said Lee. “I didn’t think I would get into any of the programs, let alone all three, so that’s something that is CRAZY EXCITING. CMU is a dream of mine, it means the world to me that I got in. It was kind of funny because when I applied, it felt like a whimsical goal. That was something I could only romanticize. I got the acceptance letter, it took my breath away. It seems like such a far stretch in my brain and now that I got into what I got into, it makes me feel like there’s so much more I can do. So much more than I’m capable of.”

Fun fact: Actors America Ferrera and Kate McKinnon (weird Barbie!) of Barbie movie fame, met at Cherubs.  

“I’m so excited about this opportunity! I’m thrilled to get to be in a community of artists from all over and be challenged in new ways,” said Izzy.  


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