RPA freshman tour Oregon colleges

On Thursday, May 4, a group of RPA freshman students embarked on a college tour, visiting two universities in Oregon: the University of Oregon in Eugene and Willamette University in Salem.

During the tour, the students were provided with guided tours led by current university students, gaining valuable insights into campus life, academic programs, and extracurricular opportunities. This firsthand experience offered them a glimpse into the vibrant college atmosphere and a chance to envision their own future educational paths.

“I really liked being able to see the different types of college options in my own state,” said Owen Trask.

One of the highlights of the tour was the opportunity for the students to enjoy lunch in a college dormitory, giving them a taste of the authentic college experience. This unique setting allowed them to engage with current students, ask questions, and further their understanding of college life beyond the classroom.

“I plan on pursuing a law degree and it was great to see two universities that provide that specific career pathway,” said freshman Alison Anaya-Aguilar

The college tour provided RPA freshmen with valuable exposure to diverse academic environments, fostering their personal and educational growth. It served as a stepping stone for them to begin contemplating their future aspirations and goals, empowering them to make informed decisions about their higher education plans.

“We thought it was important to expose the students to a big, public school and small, private school on the same day,” said instructor Laurel Eberhart. “Being able to compare the experiences of students at both schools was so valuable. It was amazing to see how Willamette compared to what we already do here at RPA and I think students really felt that.”

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