RPA Celebrates Black History Month

Every year during the month of February, RPA teachers make a point to incorporate Black History Month lessons into the classroom to provide opportunities for students to reflect on the accomplishments, culture and history of Black Americans.  

This year, Assistant High School Director and teacher Hillary Kirk will be incorporating Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech into her class content and asking students to draw pictures of different lines of the speech while they listen.  

Humanities teacher Ross Duncan’s classes will cover different lessons throughout February, starting out with a “”Heroes of African American History” project that the students will undertake.  

In teacher Matt Killpack’s World Humanities class, they will look at Black poetry from around the world. 

Humanities teacher Judd Wagner’s classes will read “The Case for Reparations “ by TaNehisi Coates, and will spend time discussing the content and ideas from the book. 

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