RPA brings in new technologies to enhance learning experience, improve safety

With Redmond Proficiency Academy (RPA) beginning hybrid, in-person learning as of March 8, the Central Oregon charter school has rolled out new technologies to enhance the educational experience and student and staff safety, according to Executive Director Jon Bullock.

In an effort to improve the classroom experience for all students, RPA has installed Owl video conferencing devices in every instructional space on their middle and high school campuses. The combined camera, mic and speaker devices provide a 360-degree view of the room, automatically panning around to focus on whoever is talking.

“The Owl devices allow for a fully immersive distance learning experience,” Bullock said. “We’re excited to offer our students learning from home the ability to interact with students and teachers in the classroom, providing a very similar experience as their in-person classmates.”

Students do not need to install any extra software as the Owl device simply becomes the camera and mic in the instructional space, allowing students at home to use the devices seamlessly through their Zoom platforms.

RPA has also placed RapidScreen temperature screening devices across both campuses that take the temperature of the person standing in front of it, providing an immediate temperature reading. The devices are also equipped to let the individual know if their mask is being worn properly.

“As we return to a hybrid model of in-person instruction and distance learning, we must be vigilant about student and staff safety as it relates to COVID-19,” Bullock said. “While face coverings, physical distancing and hand washing will still be vitally important, adding the temperature screeners across both campuses is just one more tool to help us stay safe and healthy so we can continue hybrid, in-person learning.”

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