RPA Anywhere

So You Want to Work from Home…Sometimes…?

We get it. That’s why we’ve created RPA Anywhere, so that your family can decide what’s best for you and design your education around it.

From the beginning, RPA has believed that students should be able to access their education anywhere, at any time, and not be penalized for it. RPA students can be fully on-campus, fully online, or any combination of the two. We think that you know what’s best for your situation, so we’re dedicated to giving you the tools to achieve your plan.

Interested in applying to RPA? Here’s how the process works:

1. Fill out an application on our SchoolMint platform and receive notification that we’ve received your application. At that point, you can log out of SchoolMint and back in to find out where you are on the wait list.

2. When we have an opening, we will notify you and you will have the opportunity to accept or deny our invitation. From there, we’ll have you fill out our paperwork via SchoolMint and will schedule an intake for students added during the school year.

To ensure that our families can get what they need, we will be offering On Campus attendance as well as our RPA Anywhere program.

Interested families will be able to sign their students up for our RPA Anywhere program. RPA Anywhere will offer a variety of learning opportunities that allow students to learn from home – or anywhere. Both synchronous (access at the same time) and asynchronous (access anytime) classes will be offered, and students can build a schedule that fits their unique situation and unique learning needs. Asynchronous learning opportunities will include online courses offered through Edgenuity and teacher-created online courses in which students will engage in self-directed learning with the robust support of RPA teachers. Synchronous learning opportunities will include the option for students to participate in live remote classes where students attend virtually with RPA students and teachers. Students will have the option to make virtual or in-person appointments with their instructors as well to ensure their understanding and growth.