RPA 9th graders participate in mock interviews with local businesses

RPA ninth-graders recently participated in mock interviews with local businesses and organizations, allowing the students to practice interviewing with adults who could provide them feedback about their strengths, as well as areas they can improve in.  

After the students completed their first mock interview, they had the opportunity to take that feedback and apply it to a second interview before the session ended.

The process ensures that all students get to practice the interview process twice so that when they go in for a real interview, they’ll feel far more confident.

Ninth-grader Julian Veltman said, “This was a fun experience because the community members who were interviewing us were really kind and helped us learn to build confidence for a real interview.”

Ninth-grader Cheyenne Raitz shared, “I absolutely loved this. I just felt like I grew closer and built relationships with the community members that interviewed me and I always brought a smile to their faces.”

Thanks to the following volunteers for working with RPA students: 

Brightwood Corporation

Redmond Chamber of Commerce

Hospice of Redmond

OnPoint Community Credit Union

BB Architects

Dry Canyon Salt

Pine Mountain Sports

Bethlehem Inn

Idaho First Bank

DIY Cave

APR Security and many more

And thank you to Redmond City Hall for allowing the use of their facilities for the interviews. 

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