high school athletics

Time To Play.

Playing sports in their home school district while attending RPA gives our students from all over Central Oregon the best of both worlds – the ability to compete on teams with people they’ve gone to school with in the past while continuing on their educational path with their new friends. It’s a win-win situation (pun intended).

Here’s how it works:
High school students who attend RPA can fully participate in Oregon State Activities Association (OSAA) athletic programs within their resident home district. (Resident home district is the district of the high school the student would be attending if he/she had not chosen RPA.) Please note that parents and students are responsible for transportation to and from practices, games and other sport-related events.



charter school athleticsAthletic programs include:
Fall: Cheer/Stunt, Football, Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball
Winter: Cheer/Stunt, Basketball, Swimming, Wrestling
Spring: Tennis, Golf, Softball, Baseball, Track & Field

Note: Water Polo, Lacrosse, OHSET, Rodeo, and Nordic/Alpine Skiing are considered to be club activities and therefore are not listed above. Students can participate in Club sports within their home districts (and in some cases, in other districts with approval from the districts/teams involved).

Eligibility requirements:
Student must be enrolled as a “full-time student,” which is five classes equivalent to 2.5 credits in the current grading period.

Student must make “satisfactory progress towards graduation” defined as:

  • Passed five classes equivalent to 2.5 credits in the previous grading period
  • Earned at least 4.5 credits before Sophomore year, 10 credits before Junior year, 17 credits before Senior year

Registration/Clearance requirements:

  1. Athletes need to provide a current high school transcript showing that they meet the eligibility requirements listed above. This must be verified by Bayley Killpack at RPA. (bayley_killpack@rpacademy.org)
  2. Athletes need to have had a physical and provide the correct documentation to the resident home school (typically only for those entering 9th and 11th grade).
  3. Athletes need the proper payment as determined by the respective school. Scholarships are available for those who qualify (check with the respective school athletic department).
  4. Athletes need to complete the OSAA School Representation Eligibility Certificate stating that they attend RPA but participate at the respective home district school. This must be signed by Bayley Killpack at RPA. (bayley_killpack@rpacademy.org)
  5. Athletes need to provide a course schedule for the current grading period showing that they meet the eligibility requirements listed above.. This must be verified by Bayley Killpack at RPA. (bayley_killpack@rpacademy.org)
  6. Athletes need to complete any additional school-specific registration documents. Refer to respective school websites listed below or contact the school’s athletic department directly for further information.

athletics in central oregon schoolsCentral Oregon Athletic Department Websites
Please check below for instructions on how to register for sports in your resident home district:

Bend Senior High School
Caldera High School
Crook County High School
Culver High School
Madras High School
Mountain View High School
Redmond High School
Ridgeview High School
Sisters High School
Summit High School