Redmond Proficiency Academy rolls out new, unique CTE course offerings

Redmond Proficiency Academy (RPA) High School is rolling out a new slate of career technical education (CTE) courses for students this week designed to be taken in a rotating fashion, allowing students to explore multiple subjects or courses within one semester.

Students will have the opportunity to take classes in business, technology, criminal justice and forensic science, marketing, coding and much more, all while engaging in hands-on activities.

CTE instructor Laurel Eberhart’s is teaching part of the newly created CTE Explorations class, which was designed to be an introduction to three different CTE offerings: business, early childhood education and theater.

“I’m excited to begin teaching the new courses offered in our CTE Explorations class, where students will get a bit of everything and the chance to explore what these great programs have to offer,” Eberhart said. 

Students who sign up for CTE Explorations will spend the first week together and then split into three groups. Each group will then go with one teacher and spend five weeks learning from that teacher. After five weeks, they rotate to another teacher, eventually emerging from the semester earning .5 credits of CTE, and the experience and knowledge of three different programs.  

“The idea behind our new CTE offerings is to encourage students to try out classes they might not have considered before in a low-risk, five-week commitment,” Eberhart said. “Our hope is that these courses will spark student interest in CTE courses and that they will continue to take additional CTE offerings in the future.”

Next week we will feature the Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, and Psychology courses available to RPA high school students.

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