RPA High School class looking to grant money to local nonprofits

The student-led Community 101 class at Redmond Proficiency Academy (RPA) High School has received $5,000 from the Oregon Community Foundation to grant to local nonprofits.

A creation of the Oregon Community Foundation, Community 101, or C101, is an innovative collaboration of schools, businesses and charitable organizations that gives students tools to make a positive change in their communities. Used by teachers throughout Oregon, C101 lends itself to instructional use in civic engagement, global literacy, critical thinking, public speaking, use of technology, and community involvement.

“I love being a part of C101 because it’s an excellent way for students to give back to the community while learning about philanthropy,” Freshman Uriel Mejia said.

In an effort to determine how the grant money should be allocated, the C101 class conducted a survey with the student body that asked them what they saw as the most pressing social issues in Redmond and the Central Oregon area.

The results of the survey determined that mental health, suicide, substance abuse, and child abuse are issues that could most benefit from the grant monies.

The class then took the survey results and drafted the following mission statement:

“We, the students of Redmond Proficiency Academy’s Community 101 Class, in collaboration with the Oregon Community Foundation, strive to improve the lives of Central Oregonians struggling with mental health challenges stemming from or relating to child abuse, addiction, and/or suicide.”

“It was interesting to see the results of the student body survey,” Junior Maya Johnson, said. “The top four results were all pretty close so we spent a long time creating a mission statement that could incorporate all of the issues that my fellow students felt were important.”

Local nonprofits interested in applying for a grant through the Community 101 class should request an application at c101class@gmail.com. Applications are due by Jan. 25, 2020.

[This press release was drafted by students in RPA’s Community 101 as part of a public relations exercise.]

Check out RPA’s Community 101 class on yesterday’s Central Oregon Daily broadcast.


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