The proficiency model works with each student at the point they are at in their learning, subject-by-subject and class-by-class.

proficiencyWe know that students learn in different ways and at different paces, and that their proficiency varies subject-by-subject. Using proficiency, or the ability to master concepts, as the academic measurement acknowledges this.

At RPA, it’s simple: proficiency is demonstrated as students master concepts. Then they move on. Students may take less time or more time than their peers to master a concept – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that students learn the concepts needed, whether or not it falls within an arbitrary timeframe.

“Pretesting was very important to establishing my son at RPA. He only needs instruction once. He immediately gets it. So the concept of proficiency was very important, and that it was practiced and used. ‘If they know it, prove it’ and move on to learning something else.”

Proficiency is also a philosophy. Students are given the support they need to achieve proficiency without the burden of taking classes over and over and without the stigma of failing. To further understand our proficiency philosophy and what makes RPA one of the best high schools in Oregon, please peruse our Frequently Asked Questions.

“I feel really involved in my education. I feel like I’m earning it, rather than just scraping by.”