Proficiency Fridays

Fridays are taking on a whole new look at Redmond Proficiency Academy’s (RPA) High School this year with the program Proficiency Fridays – an opportunity for providing fun and engaging activities for students at RPA. 

Created by educators, the activities range from clubs to virtual outdoor activities. Topics are typically areas in which teachers are passionate about, allowing them the opportunity to share this passion with students. 

The topics may change from week-to-week or teachers may stick with an ongoing theme, according to Kyle Chown, assistant director of RPA High School. 

“We’re excited to launch Proficiency Fridays,” Chown said. “The program will allow students to pick and choose from different activities each week and engage in new and fun learning opportunities.”

Proficiency Fridays continue this week on Friday, Oct. 9 via Zoom and YouTube with a wide range of activities including Killpacks On The Couch, a weekly talk showing diving into the history and awesomeness of math, hosted by teachers Bayley Killpack and Matt Killpack. 

Stay tuned for more, as What’s Happening at RPA will feature a short write-up of a different Proficiency Friday activity each week.

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