Proficiency Fridays – Craft Club


Every Friday at 1 p.m., members of Redmond Proficiency Academy’s Craft Club log on to Zoom and spend an hour discussing the crafts they’ve been working on.  

“Craft Club is really just a place for crafty people to hang out and talk about the crafts they’re currently working on or want to start up,” said Lauren Langland, teacher and Craft Club advisor.  

Langland will usually plan a craft so that if a student is looking to do something crafty but doesn’t have many materials at home, they can still participate, such as origami or learning how to draw specific things from a tutorial.  

Langland has also painted along to a Bob Ross (amazing) video and invited students at home who had paints and paper (or canvas) to join in. 

“Many students are excited to turn on their camera and share what they’ve done,” she said.  “Craft Club is a very positive space. If nothing else, it’s nice to hear conversations between students – and sometimes no one is working on a project but just want to talk to others in the group.”  

This week, Langland said she will sculpt with sculpey polymer clay and chat with students about their crafting goals over Winter Break.  



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