Proficiency Fridays – Cooking and Baking Club

For her Proficiency Friday activity, science teacher Elinor Wilson started a Cooking and Baking Club, first beginning as a how-to, follow-along-type activity, eventually evolving into more of a social activity where she and students cook or bake for the hour.

Proficiency Fridays were formed to provide an opportunity for fun and engaging activities for students at RPA High School. Created by educators, the activities range from clubs to virtual outdoor activities. Topics typically cover areas teachers are passionate about, allowing them the opportunity to share this passion with students.

So far, the Cooking and Baking Club has prepared chili and cornbread, scones and hot drinks, fall harvest theme, and pumpkin bread, to name a few.

The club has recently been following a theme for each week and sharing with the group what everyone is making. If the recipes turn out well, students will share tips and pass on the recipe for others to try.

This week’s theme is holiday pies. The Cooking and Baking Club activity is accessible via Zoom.




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