Proficiency Friday – Music Collective Soundtrap Session

Each week for Proficiency Friday, a different mix of students from RPA’s Music Collective Soundtrap Session gathers virtually to write and produce a song from scratch, using the cloud-based recording software Soundcloud (by Spotify).

At the beginning of each activity meeting, music instructor Jonathan Moore delegates different roles to each student, such as lyricist, vocals, harmonies, drum track, etc., and then they coordinate over Zoom and the built-in Soundtrap chat feature to produce the track in real time.

“I have been very impressed with the creativity, resilience, and collaborative spirit of the RPA music students in these challenging times,” Moore said. “I had a grin on my face after listening to the final version of the first track we recorded.”

Proficiency Fridays were formed to provide an opportunity for fun and engaging activities for students at RPA. Created by educators, the activities range from clubs to virtual outdoor activities. Topics typically cover areas teachers are passionate about, allowing them the opportunity to share this passion with students.

The Music Collective will drop new tracks on their YouTube Channel at RPA Music. They can also be followed on Instagram @rpa_music.

The RPA band gets back together every Friday over Zoom from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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