RPA Music Lab Set to Release New Album, May 17

RPA’s Music Lab will release an album of original music on Friday, May 17. To promote the new release, they put on a Tiny Elevator Concert on Thursday, May 16. The concert featured e acoustic performances of tracks from the album.

This release will be RPA Music’s fifth studio album. The project is entitled “Hiraeth” defined as “deep longing for something, especially one’s home” and will feature 14 student-written and produced tracks spanning acoustic folk, classical, heavy metal and pop rock.

“The students learned how to write songs last fall and how to record and produce them in the spring,” explained RPA’s Music Director Jonathan Moore. “This album represents the most even application of production skills and a definite jump in quality compared to previous years. Every track has been painstakingly prepared by our student musicians with much heart and soul.”

The music will soon be available Youtube and Bandcamp under the name “RPA Music Collective,” and available on Spotify in the coming weeks.

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