No Redmond Schools Bus Service – Friday, October 8

On Friday, October 8th, there will be no RSD bus available. Students who typically ride the RSD bus will have to secure different transportation in order to attend school in person. The CET will still be running as usual. Breakfast and lunch will also still be provided for our students who are interested in that option. Please note that if your student cannot get to school on Friday due to being an RSD bus rider, their absence will be excused. Any students that need to stay home today can log into Zoom and access their classes. Students that attend remotely will be marked present remote for the day. The Zoom links to students’ scheduled classes are included in all students’ Alma accounts. This document includes directions on how to view these links in Alma. You can also call our Front Office at 541- 526-0882 and we will be happy to guide you through getting your student set up to attend their classes through Zoom today.

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