Middle School Students Celebrate Geography During Geo Fest


The week of Dec. 11-15 has been a celebration of geography, known as Geo Fest, that included a variety of activities to help students learn more about the world around them. Each day was full of different activities for students to participate in to help broaden their understanding of geography.  

“The week-long celebration of Geo Fest was a great success,” said Kyle Chown, Middle School Assistant Director. “The students had fun while learning about geography and the world around them. They left the school with a newfound appreciation for the world and its diverse features.”

On Monday, the entire school gathered in the MPR for an all-school assembly. The students were excited to learn more about Geo Fest and were introduced to the different activities that would be happening throughout the week. The assembly ended with a model task that would help the students understand what to expect from the coming days.

In Humanities on Tuesday, students participated in geocaching activities and Lego Landmarks, led by Pascaline. They explored famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Mt. Rushmore, the Washington Monument, the Space Needle, the Golden Gate Bridge and the St. Louis Arch. The students were thrilled to learn more about these iconic landmarks and discover their locations on a map.

Wednesday was Book Club Day. The students were asked to plan their National Park adventure. They were given a list of the most popular national parks in the United States and asked to choose one to explore. They researched the park, its unique features, and planned their itinerary for the adventure.

Thursday was all about the Battle of the States. The students played a printable activity card game to learn more about the different states in the United States. They also played United States Bingo, where they had to match the state names with the corresponding state on the U.S Bingo Board.

Finally, on Friday, the week culminated with the celebration of Geo Fest. The students participated in a variety of tasks that tested their geography knowledge. They started with world geography, where they were asked to identify the oceans and continents. They then moved on to U.S. states, followed by planning a route, types of maps and the five themes of geography. They also learned about U.S. time zones, latitude and longitude, Oregon geography, landforms, and orientation and direction. As a bonus challenge, the students were asked to identify ecoregions in Oregon.

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