Middle School chemistry students conduct experiments, find solutions during Chemistry Week

Just before Spring Break, RPA Middle School wrapped up Chemistry Week for students in 7th and 8th grade science, where they conducted six chemistry experiments over a period of two weeks. 

Students investigated chemical properties by building a pH scale with household chemicals, testing the color of chemicals in a flame, and determining if adding salt to water changes its boiling point.

They also did some chemical reactions that changed temperature, changed color and made bubbles. 

They learned about the basic types of reactions as well. Students read procedures and used chemistry tools to perform the experiments. And, of course, they also learned a lot about safety when working with potentially dangerous chemicals.   

When asked about the “coolest part” of Chemistry Week, middle schooler Olie said, “I liked the changing the color of fire. That was pretty cool.” Another student, Romy, said they enjoyed “Working together with friends on cool projects.”

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